Non-Lit Signs

Non-lit signs are signs that do not have any illumination or lighting. They are typically made from metal, or plastic, and are meant to be visible during the day or in well-lit areas. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as identifying a business, providing directions, and conveying information to the public.

Pros and cons

Cost-effectiveNon-lit signs are generally less expensive to produce and install than illuminated signs.
Low maintenanceNon-lit signs require less maintenance than illuminated signs, such as replacing bulbs or cleaning lights.
AestheticsNon-lit signs can have a more natural, subtle look that can blend in with the building or surrounding area.
Energy-efficientNon-lit signs do not use electricity and thus do not consume energy.
VersatilityNon-lit signs can be used in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors, and for a wide range of purposes.
VisibilityNon-lit signs are less visible in low-light or nighttime conditions, which can make them less effective in attracting attention.
ReadabilityNon-lit signs can be harder to read in low-light or nighttime conditions, which can make them less effective in providing information.
Weather dependenceNon-lit signs may be difficult to read in poor weather conditions such as fog or heavy rain.
Limited options for designNon-lit signs may have limited design options as they don't have the ability to illuminate the design.
Limited options for customizationNon-lit signs may have limited options for customization such as color and font, as they rely solely on the material the sign is made of.

Our Process

Preliminary Sign Consultation
City Code Verification
Drawings & Proposals
Quoting And Pricing Packages
Permitting & Landlord’s Approval
Shipping & Installation
Satisfaction Check

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