Channel Letters

Channel letter signage is a type of illuminated signage that is commonly used in commercial and retail settings. The letters and logos are constructed using metal or acrylic faces, with an illuminated element inside, usually LEDs.

Illuminated Channel Letters

Our three-dimensional channel letters will make your storefront more vibrant than ever before. Illuminated storefront signs offer maximum visibility from a distance and the attention-grabbing channel letters provide a clear representation of your brand name.

A traditional commercial signage solution, illuminated channel letters are low-maintenance and ideal for any business. Access Signs can blend visuals in a logo with exquisite 3D letters to make your brand image stand out from the competition.

Non-Lit Channel Letters

Available for indoor or outdoor signs, our non-lit channel letters can be installed on any wall. They provide an elegant and cost-effective signage solution, available in a number of materials ranging from Sintra, aluminum, acrylic and more. With no access to wiring needed, our non-lit channel letters provide a simple and hassle-free installation.

Halo Lit Channel Letters

Reverse lit channel letters are a type of illuminated signage where the letters are cut out of metal or plastic and illuminated from the back. This type of sign is also known as “halo lit” or “halo-effect” letters. The light is diffused through the back of the letter and shines out through the cut-out letter creating a halo of light around the letter. This type of sign is typically used on storefronts, building facades, and other architectural elements.

Pros and cons

VisibilityChannel letter signs are highly visible, especially at night, making them an effective way to attract attention to a business or building.
CustomizationChannel letter signs can be customized to match a business's branding, including logo, colors, and font.
DurabilityChannel letter signs are typically made from metal or acrylic, which are durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.
Energy-efficientLED illumination used in channel letters are energy efficient and can have a longer lifespan than traditional neon lighting.
CostChannel letter signs can be more expensive to produce and install compared to other types of signage.
MaintenanceChannel letter signs may require more maintenance than other types of signs, such as replacing bulbs or cleaning the faces of the letters.
Complex installationChannel letter signs can be complex to install, and may require specialized equipment and expertise.
Permits and regulationsChannel letter signs may require certain permits or comply with specific regulations, especially when it comes to size and location, which can increase the cost and time of installation.

Our Process

Preliminary Sign Consultation
City Code Verification
Drawings & Proposals
Quoting And Pricing Packages
Permitting & Landlord’s Approval
Shipping & Installation
Satisfaction Check

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