Monument Signs

Grab the attention of your customers with our monument signs. Typically freestanding and mounted on a base or pedestal, they are perfect for the entrance of a commercial property, such as a shopping center, office park, or residential community. They are a popular choice for commercial signage because they are highly visible and can be seen from a distance.

Pros and cons

VisibilityMonument signs are typically large and located at or near the street level, making them highly visible and effective for attracting attention to a business or building.
DurabilityMonument signs are typically made from durable materials such as stone, brick, and metal, which can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for many years.
CustomizationMonument signs can be customized with a business's name, logo, and other information, as well as match the aesthetic of the building or surrounding area.
VersatilityMonument signs can be designed to fit a variety of settings, such as a standalone sign or built into a wall.
Low maintenanceMonument signs are typically low maintenance, and don't require frequent cleaning or replacement of bulbs.
CostMonument signs can be more expensive to produce and install compared to other types of signage, especially if they are made of high-end materials.
Complex installationMonument signs can be complex to install, and may require specialized equipment and expertise.
Permits and regulationsMonument signs may require certain permits or comply with specific regulations, especially when it comes to size and location, which can increase the cost and time of installation.
Limited mobilityMonument signs are fixed, and cannot be easily moved or changed once installed.
Limited options for illuminationMonument signs are typically non-illuminated or use low-voltage lighting, which may not provide the same level of visibility as other illuminated signs.

Our Process

Preliminary Sign Consultation
City Code Verification
Drawings & Proposals
Quoting And Pricing Packages
Permitting & Landlord’s Approval
Shipping & Installation
Satisfaction Check

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