Installer Manager

The basic function of the Installer Manager is to supervise and coordinate the work of various workers and subcontractors in relation to the requirements and satisfaction of the stakeholders.

Reports toOperations Manager

LocationLongueuil, Quebec

  • Plan and coordinate all facilities 
  • Respond to all changes and questions 
  • Manage maintenance of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standards
  • Review inventory consumption and strive to reduce costs
  • Supervise all person’s facility staff and stakeholders
  • Control activities such as waste disposal and safety.
  • Oversee and plan the work of installers and stakeholders
  • Contact each employee to announce the assigned site
  • Establish work methods to meet schedules and coordinate activities with other subcontractors (as required)
  • Plan each step and the necessary tools to ensure superior quality
  • Count the equipment, supplies, tools and machinery required for successful project progress
  • Participate in continuous improvement meetings
  • Quickly resolve work-related issues and recommend measures to improve productivity and quality
  • Train workers on tasks, safety standards and company policies
  • Recommend personnel management measures such as hiring and promotions
  • Reposition workers according to priorities and guidelines to meet any request for change
  • Approve employee timesheets
  • Maintain the order and cleanliness of company trucks and tools
  • Ensure proper monitoring of tools and materials at construction sites and in trucks while keeping the concept of economy and loss at the lowest level
  • Recognize and control that employees maintain a clean, orderly and safe work environment (construction site, truck and warehouse)
  • Complete and forward site documentation to the Project Manager in relation to certain time extras and changes to plans and specifications
  • Evaluate personnel directly related to this position, at least once a year according to the company’s evaluation procedure
  • Perform any other tasks as requested by the Project Authority and Director of Operations