Inspiring Ideas for Dental Office Signs

December 7, 2022

In the sign business, we can create anything according to the request of our customers. The dental field allows us to use our imagination to not only highlight this field, but also the entire medical industry.

Although digital branding is important, patients should be as impressed with your clinic as they are with your website. Commercial signage solutions are the perfect way to give your clinic a modern look!

Find out how dental clinic signage could benefit your business, as well as some sign ideas for inspiration.

Why upgrade your dental office signs?

Dental clinic signage can help your business stand out from competitors. Unfortunately, despite being the best at what you do, people will always judge you based on your establishment’s appearance. Luckily, dental office signs are the most cost-efficient long-term advertising solution.

Most importantly, you need to make sure your sign is not outdated or damaged. Good signs can give your patients a memorable first impression and help you create a welcoming environment. One satisfied patient can generate positive word of mouth to family and friends.

Dental clinic signage ideas

The wide-ranging signage customization options mean you have endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a sign for your business. Here are a few ideas.

Exterior signs

Exterior signs draw attention to your business. You can include multiple elements, such as the classic tooth or smile. When people pass by, they will spot the tooth and recognize that you are a dental clinic even if they don’t have time to read your sign. A smile might also evoke more warmth than a tooth.

You can also be creative and think outside the box. You can use your logo as an exterior sign or something that represents your specialization. For example, signage for a children’s dental clinic should have vibrant colours. Adults will find more appeal in neutral colours that evoke calmness rather than stress.

Push through signs are a great, cost-efficient signage solution. They are extremely versatile and are sure to attract people to your business.

Pylon signage is also a great option if your dental clinic is located in a shopping centre or industrial building. Patients will have an easier time finding your clinic and are more likely to notice it.

Before finalizing your sign installation, make sure it is visible from angles with more traffic. It will likely be there for a long time, so you want to make sure you can benefit from it as much as possible.

Interior signs

Lobby Signage is a great way to make a positive first impression and make visitors feel comfortable, which can foster trust in you and your services. Some patients also have a fear of visiting the dentist, but calming and professional signs can help ease their anxiety.

This great decor is also a branding opportunity for your business. Your dental office sign can be customized to reflect your values. They can also include your website or any other relevant information you want visitors to know. You should use the same colour and design scheme as your exterior signage for consistency and to bring the office together.

We recommend using channel letters. They are very low-maintenance and can be used both for exterior and interior signs. You can choose from a variety of colours and they can also be illuminated to stand out even more.

Dental office signage can also be useful in hallways to guide patients around the clinic.

Make your clinic stand out

Signs are like a work of art, a handmade sculpture with endless possibilities, so why not implement them into your dental clinic?

Whether for outside or inside, creative or simple, Access Signs can meet your needs. Contact us to learn more about our products and services!

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