How Lobby Signage Helps Your Brand

December 7, 2022

Although the benefits of exterior signage are often recognized, indoor signage should not be overlooked. You always want to make sure that your office looks as professional and elegant as it can throughout the entire visitor experience.

Here are four different ways your brand benefits from lobby signage.

Positive first impressions

What do you want potential clients and partners to think when they first walk into your office? Visitors will inevitably form an opinion about your brand before even getting the chance to meet you, but you can impact this opinion.

Office reception signs can help you make a powerful and memorable first impression. They increase your company’s appeal, credibility and professionalism. In turn, clients will trust you and the goods and services you offer, which is especially important in today’s competitive business landscape.

Office reception signs orient visitors

Lobby signage can reassure your visitors that they are at the right place. This is convenient for a big office building or shared office.

Nobody likes to feel lost, wandering around a building they have never been in before. You can prevent this from happening to your clients and visitors with office reception signs.

Lobby signage also makes your business distinct from others on your floor or in the building. One way to stand out is with illuminated channel letters. This will make your sign much more visible. Visitors can be directed on their way in and out without bothering receptionists or other employees.

A bold way to welcome visitors

You always want to make sure that visitors and clients feel welcome and comfortable when they enter your office. A plain wall won’t achieve this, but lobby signage is a bold way to make your reception area a warm and inviting environment, no matter your field of business.

Working with a new company can be nerve wracking for partners and clients. A warm environment featuring office reception signs sets the tone for your business and puts their mind at ease.

Not to mention, your employees should also feel comfortable in their workplace. Vibrant lobby signage can contribute to positive employee morale, which can improve their engagement and productivity.

Decor that highlights your brand

Above all, lobby signage is a multipurpose decor that plays a role in your marketing strategy. Not only do signs look good, they promote brand awareness. You can customize them to be as simple or elaborate as you want, for example with the use of different colours, lights or 3D lettering. Your sign reflects your core values and informs visitors about you and your brand.

You also want to make sure that your office looks fresh and not outdated. Custom office reception signs can help you stay ahead of the competition and highlight brand identity while modernizing your lobby.

Contact access signs for your lobby signage needs

In conclusion, office reception signs are a surefire way to benefit any business. They are a multipurpose decor that can help you make a positive first impression, give your visitors a sense of comfort and direction and highlight your brand.

Access Signs has over 30 years of experience working with clients throughout North America. With our expertise, we can meet your needs with custom-designed signage.

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