How 3D Lettering Signs Can Benefit Your Business

December 7, 2022

Make sure your business stands out from the competition! Your exterior sign is the first, easiest and most effective advertising tool for your business.

Choosing the right signage may seem difficult and overwhelming with so many sign options, styles, and pricing. Let’s make it simple: you should have a 3D LETTER SIGN.

Find out how 3D lettering signs can benefit your business.

The benefits of 3D lettering for signage

Visibility and customization

How do you attract more customers to your business? By increasing visibility! 3D lettering signs make your logo or company name standout and are visible from various angles. Having 3D letter signage represents quality and professionalism.

A 3D lettering sign is also a great commercial signage! They can be customized to be elaborate or simple to reflect your business, while not compromising on visibility and quality. Your customers will think your 3D lettering signage is just as impressive as your business!

Improved lighting and effects

Many different effects can be obtained with 3D lettering signs that are impossible to produce with 2D signage, such as shadows and depth effects. Without a backlight, 3D letters provide a natural shadow and adding light can enhance these effects. For example, illuminated channel letters are an extremely vibrant solution that can grab the attention of any passerby.

Well-lit signage is especially important for businesses that operate at night, for example bar or restaurant signs. The food service industry is highly competitive, so you should make sure that your restaurant immediately stands out. Adding light behind every letter is extremely easy with 3D lettering signs and further improves the visibility of your signs, even at a distance.

A profitable investment

Return on investment is more important than ever considering the business lost during the Coronavirus pandemic. Although 3D lettering signs can be more expensive than 2D signs, especially for exterior signage, the previously mentioned benefits will allow for a return on investment.

Additionally, choosing a sturdy material will make your signage last longer and make your investment cost-efficient in the long run. 3D signs also have a low maintenance cost in comparison to other forms of advertising.

Interior 3D signs are much cheaper since their lack of exposure to harsh weather conditions allows for more lightweight materials. Using lighter materials for outdoor signage could cause unforgiving damage quickly, though they offer an elegant interior decor solution.

Elevate the look of your business with access signs

Overall, 3D lettering signs are highly beneficial due to better visibility, quality and improved lighting for your business. Additionally, their practicality and elegance offer an excellent return on investment in the long run.

Because they can be customized to nearly any style and design, they are sure to suit the needs of your business.

Access Signs has over 30 years of experience in signage design and manufacturing. To find out more about our products and services, or for custom 3D lettering signs for your business, contact us now!

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